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We closely monitor any changes in your health, so we can advise you from the inside out.

Stronger Together: Nutrition + Fitness

Contrary to what magazines articles, websites and the labels on the latest protein powder will tell you, there’s no quick fix when it comes to health and fitness. It takes work – hard work. We know you’re capable of it, and we know that when you’ve got our top-quality team, facility and equipment on your side, that the hard work can become downright enjoyable. Our holistic, whole-person approach ensures that. Taking pleasure in good health and moving your body is key to keeping up a successful lifestyle change, and we’re so excited to be your partner on that journey.

What can you expect?

Now that you’ve committed to eating healthy, what can you expect with DASH121? Under the guidance of our certified nutritionists, health and fitness coaches and our partnership with medical practitioners, you’ll benefit from a personalized, whole-body plan like you’ve never experienced before. No two clients are alike when it comes to body type, dietary needs or activity level. We take your entire history under consideration when we craft a nutrition plan to help you achieve optimal health. Don’t worry—at DASH121, we partner with you for the long term. We will never encourage fad diets that lead to rapid body fluctuations. Instead, we focus on setting you on a path for optimal nutritional health that will lead to a lifetime of good habits.

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